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RSP 305 Remote Panel


New product

RSP remote panel utilized for remote monitoring of multiple DCU 305 units.

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  • Data sheet

    ModelRSP 305 Remote Panel
    Manufacturers part number1006500
    ClassIACS Certified

    More info

    Where remote monitoring of multiple DCU 305 units are required, the RSP 305 should be utilized. The RSP 305 configures itself to the DCU 305 network automatically upon connection, and up to four DCU 305 units can be connected to each RSP 305.

    Nearly all information available locally on the DCU 305 engine panel is also available on the RSP 305 remote panel, displayed in the same way using the same high contrast / easy read screen.

    Naturally, having the same user interface on the engine room panel and on the remote panel makes vital information available fast.

    The RSP 305 remote panel supports both the DCU 305 R2 and the DCU 305 R3 and R3 LT, even used together in the same network.


    w 250 x h 160 x d 60 mm

    Cut out

    W 230 x H 146 mm


    1.3 kg


    5.6", Resolution 240 x 128

    For Rudolf configuration software, manufacturers certificates or other documents, please inquire.