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DCU 410E Engine Controller


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Auto-Maskin DCU 410E Engine Controller

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    ModelDCU 410E
    Manufacturers part number1006445
    ClassIACS Certified
    OtherScreen 262144 colors, 5.7", Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
    Weight1.3 kg

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    The DCU 410E is the new base building block to build a supervision system for both variable speeds (propulsion or pumps) or fixed speed (generating set) diesel engines.

    Ordering info:

    • DCU 410E Engine Controller 1006445
    • SDU 410 Safety Shutdown Unit 1006451
    • RIO 410 Remote I/O Unit 1006453
    • RIO 425 AC Generator Interface 1006457
    • RP 410E Remote Panel 1006446
    • MK-14 Relay Expansion Unit 1121252

    It is a compact unit consisting of a front face utilizing a 5.7” color screen with 70 PPI resolution, which can be mounted to almost any flat surface with a cut-out.

    The DCU 410E accepts input data from the engine J1939 CAN bus link plus multiple physical I/O, which can be expanded with expansion units. It can communicate with the ships alarm system on CANopen and Modbus RTU, as well as Modbus TCP on standard Ethernet.

    The DCU 410E also provides engine control logic and the outputs required, including but not limited to, pre-lubrication control, start & stop signals, both ETR and ETS, plus remote interfaces for these functions.

    Connections are made via clearly labeled connectors on the rear of the panel and need no special tools.

    Finally, the panel is fully prepared for remote panel integration and works seamlessly with the Auto-Maskin remote panel(s).
    Why more customers select the DCU 410E

    Customers of the DCU 410E find that the simplicity, self-configuration and wide range of functionality are prime reasons to select this model across many applications and uses on board ships that require compliance with global standards. With more than ten languages including Chinese and Russian built in, the information the product displays is easy to understand, leading to better operational decisions.

    The ability of the unit to connect to other ships systems without sophisticated software or specialist tools makes it installable and usable by nonexperts. Customizable by a simple laptop with a web browser and a standard Ethernet cable, the password-protected areas allow more flexible configuring or customization when required.

    With a literally “plug & play” capability, the DCU 410E configures all other elements of the Marine Pro system automatically.
    Same hardware for many applications

        Holds internally up to 50 customer selectable configuration files via a “startup wizard”
        Connectable to multiple engine types and or ships systems
        Suitable for fixed and variable speed applications

    No specialist skills for startup or installation

        Pre printed connection function on units
        Simple connectivity – no special tools
        Pre loaded configurations to meet Classification Society rules for UMS

    Ability to communicate with whole ship systems

        Ethernet connectivity means plug and play within global standards
        Simple two wire communication via Modbus to Marine Pro I/O expansion modules
        Affordable expandability to create a small ships alarm system


        5.7” Color screen means clear, precise indications
        Historical event list
        Displays engine faults in real text

    No specialist crew training

        More than ten languages changeable by crew
        Clear color user interfaces
        Icons rather than text

    Web based software

        No specialist programming or configuration skills
        Web server built in
        Local or remote updating

    Compatible products

    The DCU 410E can be attached to the following products:
    Remote Panels

        RP 410E Remote Panel

        RP 210E Remote Panel

        RP 220E Remote Panel

        RP 206E Remote Panel

    Note! If replacing an old DCU with a new it is recommended to update the RP Firmware as well or make sure it is at the same or higher level than the DCU.