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Deutz MWM TBD604 BV12



Deutz MWM TBD604 BV12

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    Deutz MWM TBD604 BV12

    Deutz MWM TBD604 BV12

    Deutz MWM TBD604 BV12

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    Data sheet

    ManufacturerDeutz MWM
    ModelTBD604 BV12
    Serial number7320804
    HP1632 @ 1690 rpm / 1795 @ 1745 rpm
    kW1200 @ 1690 rpm / 1320 @ 1745 rpm
    RPM1690 / 1745
    OtherIMO type double wall high pressure injection tubes
    Fuel TypeDiesel
    Rotation directionCCW - Counter clockwise seen from aft
    Cylinder bore160 mm
    Piston Stroke185 mm
    Number of cylinders12
    Cylinder configurationV-engine

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    Deutz MWM TBD604 BV12

    Dimensions: L= 2629 mm  W=1389 mm H = 2035 mm. Weight = 3.89 Ton - according to manufacturer's specifications