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Sulzer 16 ASV 25D



Sulzer 16 ASV 25D  - ASV 25/30

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    Sulzer 16 ASV 25D

    Sulzer 16 ASV 25D

    Sulzer 16 ASV 25D  - ASV 25/30

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    Data sheet

    Manufacturer Sulzer
    Model 16 ASV 25D
    Serial number STB and PORT engine available. serial numbers 1254 and 1255
    Year 1985
    HP 4290
    kW 3200
    RPM 1000
    Other Licence Manufactured by JUGOTURBINA TVORNICA DIESEL MOTORA, Yugoslavia.
    Class DNV
    Cylinder bore 250 mm
    Piston Stroke 300 mm
    Number of cylinders 16
    Cylinder configuration V-engine
    Turbo model BBC Turbocharger. VTR 251 -2N Specification GB7NT

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    Sulzer 16 ASV 25D


    Sulzer-16 ASV-25-30

    Sulzer-16 ASV-25/3 brochure

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