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EMD 8-567-CR

8288-EMD 8-567-CR


EMD 8-567-CR

EMD 8-567-CR

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  • Data sheet

    Serial number62-E-17
    RPM835 (uncertain)
    Cylinder bore216 mm
    Piston Stroke250 mm
    Number of cylinders8
    Displacement74,4 Liter /
    Cylinder configurationV-engine
    Fuel TypeDiesel
    ClassLloyd’s Register
    OtherTwo identical engines available (a pair of engines) - Looking very nice.

    More info

    EMD 8-567-CR

    Two engines available  (twin installation)  - Engines is looking very nice.

    Configuration45° Vee V8
    Displacement4,540 cu in
    567.5 cu in (9.3 L) per cylinder
    Cylinder bore8 12 in (216 mm)
    Piston stroke10 in (250 mm)
    ValvetrainOverhead camshaft, one per bank
    Compression ratio
    • 16:1 (Roots-style blower)

    EMD Pointers publication, October 17, 1956, "NEW MODEL 8-567CR ENGINE" "Due to expanding usage in a wide variety of applications, the 8 cylinder 567C engine is now being manufactured with certain design changes to provide a better total balance. This "rebalanced" engine has the model designation 8-567CR and supersedes the previous standard 8-567C in all applications. The major change is in firing order, which requires a new design crankshaft #8235623 for the 8-567CR engine. This crankshaft has 2 relocated crankpin throws as well as larger counterweights." - reference: