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OEM Piston rings from 160 up to 988 mm https://mship.no View larger

OEM Piston rings

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OEM Piston rings and APR's, flame rings and repair bushes

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    Modelfor 2-stroke and 4-stroke large bore engines,
    Performance specificationPiston rings form 160 up to 980 mm
    Cylinder boreFrom 160 mm and up to 980 mm cylinder bore.

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    QIN OEM Piston rings and APR's, flame rings and repair bushes.


    a leading manufacturer of piston
    rings for 2-stroke and 4-stroke large
    bore engines, generally 160mm-980mm

    Technical Support: strong in-house R&D and Engineering
    capabilities, offered free of cost or obligation.

    Full In-house Production: QIN have own foundry
    as well as the machining / coating / finishing plant, so
    giving us complete control over the production process
    and a high degree of operational flexibility.

    Chrome Ceramic Technology – for the smoothest /
    hardest-wearing / least wear-inducing coating available
    in the market today for this size and type of piston ring.
    All of which combine to allow us to offer market-leading
    technology to our customers, with short lead times.

    Piston rings are supplied into marine, industrial, rail and power generation applications worldwide.


    • ABC DX, DZ
    • MAN B&W 16/24, 21/31, 23/30, 23/30H, 23/30DF, 23/30S, 26MTB40, 27/38, 28/32A, 28/32H, 28/32S, 28/32SI, 28L,90MC, G95ME, 98MC
    • Rolls-Royce - Bergen - ULSTEIN KRG, KRGB, B35:40, B35:45
    • Caterpillar 3600 series, C280 series
    • Daihatsu DK20, DL22, DS26, PS26, DL28, DK28T1, DLM32, DS32
    • Deutz 350, 358, 428, 528, 540, 545, 628
    • EMD 645/710
    • GMT FIAT210-2112-2116, L236S, AL230, BL230, BL230P, B306SS, B3012SS, 320, 420A, 420H, 420C, 550
    • HIMSEN 21/32, 25/33, 32/40
    • MaK M20, M25, M281, M282, M331, M332, M332C, M32, M451, M452, M452AK, M453, M453AK, M453CAK, M35, M43C, M551, M551AK, M552, M552C,     M601, M601C
    • MAN 17.5/22, 20/27, 22/30, 23.5/33, 24/30, 25/30, GV 28,5/42, GV30/45, 32/36, 32/40, 32/40
      CD, 40/54, 40/54A, 40/54B, 40/45, 40/45B, 48/60A, 48/60B, 52/74, 52/55A, 52/55B, 52/52, 58/64, 58/64CD
    • MWM D440, D484, D500, D501, D510
    • RUSTON RK215, RK270
    • SEMT PIELSTICK PA4, PA4V200VG, PA5, PA6, PA6B, PC1, PC2.2, PC2.5, PC2.6, PC2.6B, PC2.6B-600, PC3, PC4, PC4.2B
    • SKL 29/24, NVDS48A-2, 6VDS48/42-AL2
    • STORK Wärtsilä 240, SW280, TM410
    • SULZER AL20D, AL20H, S20, S20HFO, BA-B22, TW24, AS25/30H (HFO), AL25/30, AS/AT25/30,
      ASL25D, Z40/48, ZA40/48, ZA40S, ZA50S
    • Wärtsilä VASA20, VASA22, VASA24, WARTSILA WN25 NOHAB F10 - F20 - F30, WARTSILA WN25GAS, VASA26,
      VASA 32, VASA R32, VASA32LNE, W32, W34SG, W38A, W38B, WARTSILA SULZER 9ZH40/48, VASA46,
      W50DF, W64
    • WAUKESHA 7042, 7044
    • YANMAR 8N21, M220AL-EN, 6EY26LW, YMT260L-ST, Z280SLT

    OEM names and models are listed purely as references for  products which are designed to be compatible with those engines.
    This list is not exhaustive, it is just a summary of our most-requested and most-supplied parts.
    We have the ability to design new parts as well as to reverse-engineer existing parts.
    Also supplied: APRs for Wartsila Engines, Flame Rings and Repair Bushes