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Plattform Jacket decomissioning equipment - Heavy Lift salvage bouys system



Set of 4 Buoyancy Tanks Assemblies(BTA) for offshore decommissioning or salvage with lifting capacity of 12.000 TON Gross.

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Data sheet

ManufacturerAker solutions - Norway
ModelBTA DP2
Performance specificationAbout 12.000 TON lifting capacity.
ClassDocumented and DNV certified method for removal of jackets

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Advantages of the Buoyancy Tank Assemblies


Installation and removal of marine structures can be done without crane lifting capability

Safe principle of operation with comprehensive systems & operations description

High total floating capacity

Documented and DnV certified method for removal of jackets

Patented technology

Flexible transit by tow, on barge or by ship

Unique technology and equipment, the 4 BTAs’ are the only existing ones


Buoyancy Tanks Assemblies (BTA)

Total length of assembly 65 meter

Maximum width of assembly 13.7 meter

Overall Diameter of each tank 6.6 meter

Length of each tank 53 meter

Maximum draft during installation 59 meter

Dry weight of assembly 1025 MT

Net lifting per assembly 2250 MT

The system consists of four identical assemblies with comprehensive systems & operating description

The utilities for ballasting and control are not included

DnV certified for removal of jackets

BTA ballast system description

One 4” combined seawater inlet/outlet line and one 4” combined vent/compressed air supply line to each ballast compartment.

Each seawater inlet/outlet line is equipped with one remote operated valve and one ROV operated valve, the latter for contingency purpose.

The vent lines are connected to a distribution manifold located inside the pyramid at the top of the BTA. This manifold is equipped with two remote operated vent valves and one remote operated valve to segregate the air flow between the lower ballast tanks and the upper ballast tanks.

In addition there are two inlets for compressed air which are equipped with check valves.

Each vent line is equipped with an in-line block valve outside the pyramid for use during Roll Over and Roll Back operations.

Compressed air for ballasting is supplied from a compressors located on the OSV via two air hoses (part of the umbilical) connected to the distribution manifold on the BTA.


Video of offshore rig decommissioning using BTA Buoyancy Tank Assemblies"