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Heimdal HG 346



Heimdal HG 346

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    Heimdal HG 346

    Heimdal HG 346

    Heimdal HG 346

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    Data sheet

    ManufacturerHeimdal Propulsion
    ModelHG 346
    Serial number36143
    HPFrom 464 kW up to 1299 kW
    kWFrom 346 kW up to 969 kW
    RPMFrom 750 rpm up to 2100 rpm at engine side
    OtherMAX. TORQUE (Nm ) 4407 Nm
    Rotation directionCW - clock wise propeller side
    Gear ratio4,57:1
    Gear typeNon Reversing Gearbox CPP - to be used with controllable pitch propeller

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    Heimdal HG 346