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Volvo Penta TAMD 75P A EDC



Volvo Penta TAMD75P-A

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  • Data sheet

    ManufacturerVolvo Penta
    ModelTAMD 75 P-A
    Arrangement numberDateset 3819283
    Serial number2071187518
    Performance specificationSpec. No. 869196
    Cylinder bore107 mm
    Piston Stroke135 mm
    Number of cylinders6
    Displacement7284 cm3
    Cylinder configurationIn line
    Fuel TypeDiesel
    Weight860 kg without gear
    Fuel consumption233 g/kWh @ 2600 rpm

    More info

    Volvo Penta TAMD 75P A

    The TAMD75P EDC marine diesel is specially
    developed for fast planing and semi-planing craft.
    The engine’s high outputand low weight combined with a rich low
    end torque curve ensures excellent acceleration and response.
    Superior load carrying capability thanks to the wide engine
    speed range with rated power.

    EDC – optimizing engine

    EDC (Electronic Diesel Con trol) – an
    elec tron i cal ly controlled process ing sys-
    tem that de ter mines the pre cise quan ti ty
    of fuel re quired at any giv en moment.
    The EDC sys tem takes full ac count of
    var i a tion in op er at ing temperature, air
    pres sure and oth er con trib ut ing factors,
    which op ti miz es en gine performance and
    effi ciency, re duc ing fuel consumption and
    emis sions.