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Newbuild - 14.95 METER Fishing vessel

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Principal Particulars

  • Length 14,95 metere
  • Width    7.00 metere
  • Depth    2.80 metere


  • Construction rules   DNVGL
  • Classification           DNVGL
  • Class notation          fishing vessel

More details

  • Data sheet

    Model14.95 METER Fishing vessel
    Year2017 - new build
    Fuel TypeDiesel

    More info

    Boat’s preliminary specification is as following:

    Principal Particulars

    Steel 1500

    L : 14.95 m W: 7.00 m D: 2.80 m


    Construction Rules : DNVGL

    Classification : DNVGL

    Class Notation : Fishing vessel

    Plan & Project & Document

    Approval : DNVGL

    Lines Plan

    General Arrangement

    Longitudinal Section

    Mid Section

    Shell Expansion

    Bulkhead Plan

    Construction Elements Calculation

    Piping Arrangement

    Machinery Arrangement

    Electric Wiring and Capacity Calculation

    Shaft Arrangement

    Fire Structure

    Tank Plan


    Approval : DNVGL


    Hull : Marine Grade A Steel (Under main deck)

    Superstructure : Marine Aluminium (5083 Series AlMg4.5Mn)

    The workmanship of the hull and fittings throughout shall be of DNVGL Rules.

    Steel Plates shall be shot-blasted and primer epoxy coated

    In way of bollards and lifting eyes, deck will be strengthened by internals and reinforced under additional stiffening will be provided as necessary in way of engine seats.


    Nesting and plasma cutting

    Hull Thickness

    Thickness scantling shall be calculated according to DNVGL Steel Construction Rules.


    2 x Transversal bulkhead


    3 x Watertight compartments

    1 x Engine Room & Gear Room

    Engine compartment will be spacious to enable ample access to perform repairs, maintenance and easy removal of engines.

    Access to Engine Room through forward doors in W.T. bulkheads and through W.T. hatch located on top of main deck.

    Fire insulation will be done as per DNVGL requirements.

    Machinery space 1 x suction and 1 x exhaust electrical ventilation

    1 x Fish Hold

    Wheel House

    Wheelhouse will be fabricated in Aluminium 5083 Series and will be placed at the fore ship centre side as seen on the general arrangement section for easy operation.

    Windows sizes as shown on plan good view of aft and fore decks. Windows and doors will be placed as GA plan.

    The wheelhouse ceiling, walls are to be PVC pannel

    Engine control panel will be installed to control oil pressure, cooling water temperature, engine tachometers, batteries charge ampere meter and additional instruments needed to effectively control the propulsion system.

    - Steering wheel hydraulic (Manufacturer: DATA HYDRAULIC)

    - Window wipers

    - Navigation lights switches

    - Compass

    - Signal horn switches

    - Search light switches

    - Switch board

    - Fire extinguisher

    - Electronic and electrical equipment

    Instrument panels arranged in an ergonomic way to have good visibility angles and ease of operation by the helmsman.

    One comfortable chair shall be installed on adequate foundations.

    Linings /Ceiling Face will be PVC panel white colour.


    The tanks will be situated according the G.A Plan and in adequate capacity in comply with DNVGL Rules.

    MDO (side tank) : 1 + 1 (in Engine Room) and 1 Double Bottom tank (Under Hold)

    Filling from deck with single line and filling by flush seal type deck connections.

    Each tank will be provided with an inspection manhole of acceptable size.

    The filters type and capacity suitable for the engines.

    The filter shall be positioned at a convenient place in the Engine Room.

    Fuel lines will be steel seamless pipe and engine connection ends will be flexible.

    Bilge Tank : 1 (in Engine Room)

    Fresh Water Tank : 1 + 1 (in Engine Room)

    Sewage Tank : 1 (in Engine Room)

    Sea Water Ballast tank : 1 (double bottom tank under fish hold)

    Fore Peak Tank : 1 (sea water ballast tank)

    Aft Peak Tank : 2

    Power Plant (Propulsion)

    Approval : DNVGL

    The Fishing Boat will be powered by;

    Brand : VOLVO PENTA

    Model : D16MH

    Power : 750 HP

    RPM : 1900 RPM

    Approval : Type Approval Certification, IMO Approved

    The engine will be in accordance with standard delivery, equipment and specifications.

    The engine will be installed on web frame with shock absorbers suitable for this engine in order to minimize vibrations

    The helm control console shall be fitted with a comprehensive engine monitoring instrument package from Volvo Penta.

    Cooling System

    The sea water supply system consists of one sea chest/filter arrangements cross-connected via valve.

    Valves should be Gate valves and ball valves.

    Engine is provided with a closed cooling system, which circulates fresh cooling water via the tube cooler and an expansion tank.

    The cooling water pipes to be connected to the engine via flexible hose.

    The fresh and sea water cooling pumps are engine driven.

    Exhaust System

    The main engine and diesel gen sets exhaust pipe to be ducted through side of the E:R. port & starboard direction.

    The steel expansion joints shall do the connection of the exhaust lines to the engines.

    The exhaust lines, care shall be taken to prevent entry of water into the engines.

    Exhaust pipes shall be insulated with proper thermal insulating materials.


    The following accessories to be provided:

    Exhaust manifold with flexible fittings. Fuel filters. Air filter, dry type,

    Gear Box

    Approval : DNVGL

    1 x 2.5:1 ZF W500 IV V-Drive 7 Degree or TwinDisk equivalent

    Reverse reduction gearboxes to be engine mounted and of good marine quality.

    Gearboxes shall be connected to the main engines via a flexible coupling Gearbox reduction ratio 2,5 : 1

    Spare Parts

    Spare parts are an optional and will be delivered with boat as per client’s request.


    Approval : DNVGL

    Propeller : 1 pcs (manufacturer: Eriş Pervane)

    Propeller Type : Fixed pitch

    Number of Blades : 4

    Diameter and pitch of the propellers will be designed as to meet the rating of the engines and the required specifications. Propeller material to be of bronze. Propellers are to be balanced, keyed and tapered bored, secured on shaft with tapered nut (cap) and securing bolt on this nut.

    Propeller Shaft

    Approval : DNVGL

    The propeller shaft will be of Stainless steel.

    Diameter of the shafts is to be sufficient for maximum rating of the engines. (Aprx. 100 mm)

    For repairs, stern shaft is to be drawn outboard.

    Sealing : LasDrop Gen II , G-100 metric or equivalent

    Rudder and Steering Equipment

    Approval : DNVGL

    One single plate type rudder with:

    1 x 70 mm diameter rudder rod

    Rudder blade, Rudder stock welded to the rudder blade.

    Watertight sealing on top of the tubes

    Top of tubes to be supported by strong back supported from hull structure.

    Tillers connected by tie bar.

    Steering Gear

    Steering provided with a manual powered hydraulic system that controls the rudder position.

    Model : Data Hydraulic Steering Gear

    Total Rudder Angle : 2 x 35 deg.

    Cylinder : 1 pc

    Helm Pump type : 1 pc

    Stern tube : 1 x Brass sleeve oil resistant rubber bearings

    Rudder : 1 pc

    All hydraulic pipes will be seamless of high-pressure steel pipe. Filling of hydraulic oil to be easy accessible located.


    Approval : DNVGL

    Electrical Power Plant

    Two pieces

    Brand : VOLVO PENTA

    Model : D5A T

    Current : 400V/50 Hz

    Engine Power : 110 BHP

    Electrical Power : 70 KWe (88 KVa) at 1500 RPM


    All equipment will be labelled to show clearly their function

    The low voltage is to be a 24 Volt DC system

    The battery charging system is designed to ensure that all batteries can charge all times from main engines.

    Main engine and gen sets starters and alternators are to be 24Volt

    All electric and electronic equipment is to be suitable for marine service.

    Cables and wires

    All cables and wires of approved marine type and to be secured by clips and mechanically protected where necessary, or laid in cable channels.

    Control cables to have spare conductors according to shipyard practice, where exposed to mechanical damage, cables to be suitably protected.

    All cables to be labelled by labels numbers.


    24Volt DC system consisting of Two (2) battery groups

    2 x Battery will be provided for main engine and gen sets

    2 x Battery will be provided for Service Consumers

    Switchboards and Circuit Breakers

    Switchboards/distribution installed within the panels to be easily accessible for operation and maintenance.

    The switchboard shall contain the following:

    - Main switch.

    - Circuit breakers for the consumers.

    Fuses and breakers to be in one switchbox and located in the wheelhouse console, easily maintained and operated by the helmsman.

    Circuit breakers shall be clearly marked with nameplates.

    The electrical system on the engines shall be protected in the engine’s instrument panel, so no further outgoing circuits for the engines shall be in the above mentioned circuit breakers board.


    The switches are to be fitted in the instrument panel of the helmsman’s console for operating the equipments.

    The Engine Room lights will be operated with a separate switch placed inside at the entrance. The switches on the instrument panel will be clearly marked with nameplates

    Outfit and Equipment

    Hydraulic System

    Hydraulic system schema and calculation will be approved by DNVGL and made by AKMARINE as per class requirements.

    1 x Steel hydraulic tank with controllable electrical heat resistant

    All hydro-pumps will be fitted on dedicated hydraulic tank.

    One hydro pump will be for each hydraulic unit as following:

    Fishing unit (MUSTAD AUTOLIE-owner provided fishing equipment) beiting unit :1 pump

    Fishing unit (MUSTAD AUTOLIE-owner provided fishing equipment) hauling unit :1 pump

    Bow and Aft Thruster unit :1 pump

    Winch and Mooring winch :1 pump

    Spare :1 pump

    Each hydro pumps will be enough capacity. All are to be provided and selected as per above unit’s manufacturer specification.

    All driving and control valves in the system will be provided from BOCH REXROTH.

    All pipe and flexible pipe are to be met DNVGL rules and certified as required.

    Oil heating will be controllable with electrical resistant and cooler.

    After installation of system and piping, pipes will be properly flushing.


    1 x Bow and 1 x Aft hydraulic thruster will be fitted to the ship’s hull.

    Manufacturer: ERİŞ TURKEY type: BP-400 Power: 85 (HP) Diameter: 400 mm Thrust: 7,2 kN


    One bolted W.T. access hatch will be provided on main deck above the Engine Room, for engine maintenance and/or removal of engine parts.


    Steel doors for access to wheelhouse with window will be provided.

    The doors will be installed according to G.A Plan


    Approval : DNVGL

    Windows will be provided all around the wheelhouse.

    Frame profiles between windows to be as narrow as possible so as not interfere with the visibility. The forward windows to be provided with electrically operated, wiper.


    An Aluminium mast will be fitted to top of the wheel house shall be designed to carry the navigation lights and antenna.


    Outside bulwarks will be provided around the superstructure.

    Height of bulwarks shall be below windows.


    All around the Boat at main deck level round Dia.-150 mm steel pipe fender to be installed.

    (D-Type Rubber fender is client’s option)


    Ladders are to be of steel material.

    One upper deck ladder will be installed.


    14.95 METER Fishing vessel

    Newbuild - 14.95 METER Fishing vessel

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