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HirchmannRS2-TX Rail Switch



HirchmannRS2-TX Rail Ethernet Switch

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    Manufacturers part number943 686-003
    Performance specificationAverage MTBF exceeding 100 years
    Weight358 gram
    Volt24 V DC

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    HirchmannRS2-TX Rail Switch

    The Rail Switch RS2 has been especially
    designed for use in industrial environments.
    It supports ETHERNET 10 MBit/s and Fast
    ETHERNET 100 MBit/s.

    The Rail Switch modules support switched
    ETHERNET networks in accordance with
    IEEE standard 802.3 using copper technolo-
    gy. The switch modules are plugged onto
    the standard bar.

    The RS2-TX modules have eight 10/100
    MBit/s twisted pair ports (RJ45 connectors).
    It is possible to connect up to eight data ter-
    minal equipments or other network seg-
    ments to the 10/100 Mbit/s ports using twi-
    sted pair cabling. The ports support auto
    negotiation, autopolarity and autocrossing.

    24 VDC power input and an average MTBF exceeding 100 years.