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ABB Synchronous Generator - 9100 kVA


New product

ABB Synchronous Generator - 9100 kVA

NEW Surplus from canceled project  -

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  • Data sheet

    ModelAMG 0900XU 10 LSE
    Manufacturers part number2681HG402
    Serial number46211xx - several available
    Performance specificationPower Factor 0,8
    Year2011 - New unused from canceled project
    Weight26000 kg
    Working temperature max, celsius degrees50

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    ABB Synchronous Generator

    Alternator ABB AMG 0900 -

    9100 kVA / 720 rpm / 60 Hz - 6 NEW Units

    This alternator was designed to operate with a diesel or gas engine generator

    at rotation speed of 720 rpm and electrical output max 9100 kVA / 6.6 kV / 60 Hz.

    • Manufacturer : ABB
    • Manufacturer's type : AMG 0900 XU10 LSE
    • Made in year : 2011
    • Application: Generator for 720 rpm diesel or gas engine
    • Rated capacity 9100 kVA / 11000 V / 60 Hz
    • Designed rotation speed : 720 rpm
    • Power factor : 0.80
    • Weight : 26000 kg



    The generator is designed to operate together with a diesel engine


    The stator frame is a rigid welded steel structure construction. The stator core is built of thin electric
    sheet steel laminations which are insulated on both sides with heat-resistant inorganic resin. The radial
    cooling ducts in the stator core insure uniform and effective cooling of the stator.
    The rotor consists of a shaft poles fixed on the shaft, exciter and a fan(s). The shaft is machined of steel
    forging. The poles are manufactured of 2 mm sheet steel and bolted from the top to the shaft. The pole
    laminations are pressed together with steel bars, which are welded to the end plates. The exciter rotor
    and the fan are shrink fitted onto the shaft and secured with a key.
    All windings are completely vacuum pressure impregnated with high quality epoxy resin. The windings
    are provided with very strong bracing which withstands all expected mechanical and electrical shocks
    and vibrations as well as chemicals. For more information ask for brochure "MICADUR-Compact
    Industry Insulation System"
    The stator frame, core support and end shields are made of fabricated steel and welded together. The
    stator frame is closed with steel panels that guide the ventilation air and provide the degree of protection
    required. The flange mounted bearings are bolted to the end shields
    According to IM1101 the machine has 2 bearings. The feet are raised. The Shaft end is cylindrical


    The generator can be mounted rigidly on a common base frame designed by the engine manufacturer,
    together with the engine type mentioned in this specification. Maximum allowed vibrations in the
    bearings and feet of the coupled generator are according to ISO 8528-9, according to value 2. The
    machine can be mounted using shimming, machined blocks, chock fast or vibration elements as long as
    relevant mounting instructions and the requirements of the classification society are followed.


    Brushless excitation. The excitation requires the following components: Current transformers for booster
    excitation and actual value measurement. 3-core voltage transformer for measurement and excitation
    power supply.

    SURFACE TREATMENT                                                                                           

    C3 – Standard color
    Surface treatment C3 according to the ISO 12944 standard, for standard industrial environment.
    Standard top coat colour is ABB blue:
    - Munsell : 8B 4.5/3.25)
    - NCS 4822-B 05 G.


    No pc/pcs   Doc. kind  Title                   Item
    9 PT100 for stator winding, extended set - PYR PT100LG10/3
    1 PT100 for cold cooling air - PYR PT100RC0/4 (L=50mm)
    1 PT100 for warm cooling air - PYR PT100RC0/4 (L=50mm)
    4 PT100 for sleeve bearings (radial bearing surface) - PYR PT100R0/4
    1 Varistor - SXV 40K550 C
    3 Diode – LNM 260A/2000V (ABB Stock code: 987791)
    1 Automatic Voltage Regulator system – PFJ AVR-UN1000-NOIN Unitrol 1000 with plate (ABB Marine NOINA 1 standard) Wall mounted cabinet for AVR plate - Color: RAL7035
    1 1PT Voltage transformer for exc.power & actual value measurement –KSG3PU11000 60 3
    11000/110/110/110 V
    Secondary 1: 110 V 3200VA for excitation
    Secondary 2: 110 V 300VA
    Secondary 3: 110V 300VA
    3 3CT -Current transformer for short circuit exc.power –KSG KOKM 1EF 500 500/7,0A, Class PX
    1 2CT -Current transformer for actual value measurement KSG 0500T2 500/1A, 5 VA, CL 0.5, 60 Hz
    3 Current transformers for differential protection TPU 40.13 600/1A , 5VA5P25 60 Hz
    1 Water-to-Air Cooler Unit - Double tube fresh water cooler
    1 Leakage detector for double tube water cooler, - OXA FLOAT 1
    1 Anti condensation heater Power 2x800 W, Voltage 230 V
    2 MCT frame (Roxtec)
    2 Aux. Terminal box (B3A & B3B)

    1 Earthing balls for temporary earthing - NW D25/M12
    1 Drive-end sleeve bearing - ZLM EFZLE22-225
    Side flange mounted sleeve bearing for AMG/Z 0900 in marine application.
    D-end. Max. Axial force 6,6 kN.
    1 Non-drive-end sleeve bearing - ZLM EFZLQ22-225EP Side flange mounted sleeve bearing for marine applications. Insulation between bearing housing and shell.
    1 Shield mounted lubrication unit

    For unit details, see hydraulic circuit diagram


    AM 0900XU10LSE.pdf

    Technical Specification ABB 9100KVA Generator

    Download (148.12k)