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Bergen B32:40V16 HFO - 8769 kVA generator set


New product

Bergen B32:40V16 HFO  - 8769 kVA generator set

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  • Data sheet

    ManufacturerBergen Engines - Rolls & Royce
    ModelB32:40V16 HFO / Liquid fuel
    Serial numberseveral
    Cylinder bore320 mm
    Piston Stroke400 mm
    Number of cylinders16
    Displacement515 Liter
    Cylinder configurationV-engine
    Fuel Typeheavy fuel oil with viscosity up to 700 cSt at 50 °C within ISO 8217
    Weight115 Tons
    Generator end typeAlternator voltage levels 6,3 kV/11kV/13,8kV and power factor 0,8 is included
    Volt 6,3 kV / 11kV / 13,8kV
    kVARated electric output - 7015 kWel, with Cos (phi) 0.8 - 8769 kVA
    DIMENSIONsLength :11,56 meter Width : 3,31 meter Height : 4,55 Meter
    Fuel consumptionSpesific fuel consumption g/kWh 176,3

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    Bergen B32:40V16 HFO  - 8769 kVA generator set

    10 UNITS AVAILABLE  SOLD, no more units left

    Equipment built on the generating set:

    • Engine and Generator with flexible coupling mounted on a common skid, for rigid installation on
      foundation plates. The scope of supply includes skid and blind flanges. The Generating set is
      covered with tarpaulin during transport.
    • Starting air valve prepared for remote control, 30 barg.
    • Charge air cooler
    • Turbochargers
    • Exhaust valves in «Nimonic», with seat armoring and equipped with Roto-cap.
    • Diesel oil booster pump, gear type (Diesel only)
    • Injection pumps, plunger type. Injection valves.
    • High pressure pipes, double tubed
    • Jacket water pump, centrifugal type.
    • Main lubrication oil pump, gear type.
    • Lubrication oil priming pump, gear type, electrically driven.
    • By-pass filter, centrifugal type.
    • Main lubrication oil filter, duplex type with change-over valve and automatic filter.
    • Sensors and solenoids for engine control monitoring system.
    • I/O for CAN-bus interface including instrument panel.
    • Electro-hydraulic actuator for electronic governor.
    • The generating-set is cleaned and coated with a 50 micron alkaline painting after completed
      factory test.

    Heavy fuel oil operation

    • The engines are designed for operations on
      heavy fuel oil with viscosity up to 700 cSt at 50
      °C within ISO 8217.


    • Voltage: 6,3/11/13,8 kV, cos φ = 0,8. (Other voltages on request).
    • Construction: IM 1101, IC01, F/F, IP23.

    Equipment delivered as loose items

    • The scope of supply includes blind flanges and flexible pipe connections.
    • Pressure reduction valve and air drying unit for low pressure control air.
    • Cleaning system for fuel injection pumps (Hfo only )
    • Nozzle temperature control module
    • Jacket water cooler , preheater and thermostatic valves (HT,LT & Charge air)
    • Circulating pump, centrifugal type, electrically driven, anti boiling purpose.
    • Lubrication oil cooler and thermostatic valve.
    • Crankcase ventilation and filtration system
    • Engine control cabinet comprising PLC, electronic motor management system and operator
    • Voltage regulator.
    • Commissioning Spare Part


    • 3 set Installation Instructions and drawings, and 3 set Operating Instructions in English
    • Generating set test report.


    • Foundation plates
    • Special tools
    • Lifting and transportation equipment. Includes lifting straps, spreader beams, and bolts.

    The rating is according to ISO conditions, based on liquid fuel operation. Electrical output is given for
    baseload operation. Alternator voltage levels 6,3 kV/11kV/13,8kV and power factor 0,8 is

    Engine power definition is according to ISO 3046-1 Specific fuel oil consumption according to ISO 3046-1,
    However the engine ratings are valid for the following reference condition: referenced to fuel oil with a net heating value of 42,7MJ/kg and two engine-driven pumps.
    Air inlet temperature max. +37°C
    Air inlet temperature min. 5°C
    Charge air low temp fresh water inlet temp. max. +50°C

    Commissioning and start up can be quoted upon request.