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Callesen Diesel 427 FTK-G



Callesen Diesel  427 FTK-G

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    Callesen Diesel  427 FTK-G

    Callesen Diesel 427 FTK-G

    Callesen Diesel  427 FTK-G

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    Data sheet

    Manufacturer Callesen
    Model 427 FTK-G
    Serial number 5027
    Year 1992
    HP 690
    kW 508
    RPM 425
    Rotation direction CCW
    Gear ratio 1:!
    Gear type Non Reversing Gearbox CPP - to be used with controllable pitch propeller
    Cylinder bore 270 mm
    Piston Stroke 400 mm
    Number of cylinders 6
    Cylinder configuration In line

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    Callesen Diesel  427 FTK-G