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Dreggen XMAS & BOP CRANE 2 x 75 ton


New product

Dreggen XMAS & BOP CRANES 2 x 75 ton

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    Dreggen XMAS & BOP CRANE 2 x 75 ton - New surplus from canceled project - 2 cranes available.

    Compact and reliable design for new generation drilling rigs.

    Prime functions of the XMAS crane are to transfer XMAS
    tree from XMAS trolley to the storage and maintenance
    position on deck and to transfer assemblies on deck. BOP
    crane used to transfer BOP/LMRP from BOP trolley to
    storage and maintenance position. BOP and XMAS crane
    normally running on each side of the derrick.

    Lifting capacity: 2x75T
    Hoisting speed: 1-4 m/min
    Crane travel speed: 2-4 m/min
    Trolley travel speed: 2-4 m/min
    Lifting height: 15-30 m
    Rail span: 5-30 m
    Design temp.: -20/+40 deg C.
    Area classification: Zone 2
    Hydraulic Power supply: 207 bar

    Above in only indication - actual data to be clarified.


    The crane is, as standard, provided with two independent
    movable trollies, each trolley equipped with one main
    hoist. The hoist and trollies can be operated independently
    or combined at operator’s choice. As an option a
    PLC controlled synchronized lift can be supplied, ensuring
    max 3 cm variation between the hooks when operated on

    Power supply to crane and trollies are provided by drag
    chains supported by trays.

    Both crane bridge and trolley are driven by rack and pinion
    specially designed to allow for support structure variations
    and deflections.

    The hoisting machineries are of open drum type, each consisting
    of following main components:
    • Drum with bearing and brackets
    • Winch gear with hydraulic operated fail-safe brake
    • Hydraulic motor with safety valve to «freeze movement
    in case of pressure drop»

    The drum is designed for a capacity to take the wire rope on
    single layer. The wire rope are non-rotating and galvanized.
    The wire sheaves are provided with heavy-duty roller
    bearing on stainless steel axles

    Crane controlled from radio remote controller designed
    for EX zone 2 with digital read out of load in each hook.

    These cranes is new sureplus from a canceled project. They can either be sold complete, or to be used as spares for overhaul of exsisting cranes.