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Woodward UG-Actuator Type A8251-766


New product

Woodward UGActuator Type A8251-766

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  • Data sheet

    Manufacturers part numberA8251-766
    Serial number21762811
    YearNew, Manufactured May 2019
    Rotation directionCW (reversible)
    Weight16 Kg
    RemarksThis regulator is a "stronger" version of the A8251-765 and can replace that regulator.

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    Woodward UGActuator Type A8251-766

    Rolls-Royce Marine part no. : 702447

    • Proportional
      actuator simplifies
      transfer from
    • Economical
      installation using
      UG-8 case and
    • Works with all
      20–160 mA output
      electronic control

    The UG-A CTUATOR offers the advantages
    of electronic control and load sharing
    systems while using the convenient,
    existing UG-8 type drives and linkages.
    The actuator provides the muscle for
    Woodward analog controls such as the
    2301, as well as Woodward digital
    controls such as the 500-series and 700-
    series. The UG-ACTUATOR can be used
    with diesel, gasoline, or natural gas
    engines, and with steam and industrial
    gas turbines. The UG-A CTUATOR has a
    self-contained oil sump, so a separate oil
    supply is not required.

    The actuator operates with a low speed
    pump for drive speeds from 375 to 1100
    rpm, and with a high speed pump for 600
    to 1500 rpm. An optional cooler is
    available for applications with a higher
    drive speed or high ambient temperature.
    The UG-A CTUATOR is ideal for installations
    involving unattended starts.
    The optional self-contained MPU
    simplifies the conversion of a UG-8
    controlled engine or turbine to an
    electronically controlled engine. A gear
    which has been specifically designed to
    operate the MPU means that the
    electronic control will receive sharp, clean
    speed signals. Low speed applications
    may require override of the control’s
    fail-safe during start-up.

    The UG-A CTUATOR uses the same cast-
    iron case as the UG-8 governor. The oil
    pump is the proven high-output Gerotor,
    designed to provide long life with minimal
    maintenance. The actuator uses standard
    UG-8 output shafts, power levers, power
    pistons, and piston links. The base is
    designed to precisely fit any drive
    designed for a UG-8 governor, and
    maintenance procedures are similar to
    those of the UG-8 governor.
    The actuator’s electric-to-hydraulic
    transducer uses a Woodward-built torque
    motor which converts the 20–160 mA
    control signal to a given output position.



    Woodward UG-Actuator-A8251-766 Test Record

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