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Sperre HL2/120 Start air compressor



Sperre HL2/120 Start air compressor

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Serial number120052
Working pressure BAR30
Test Pressure BAR45

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Model HL2/120 is a two stage 90º V-compressor.

Cylinders and compressed air coolers are air-cooled. Cooling air is supplied by a well-dimensioned fan.

Bearings and cylinders walls are splash lubricated.

The compressor and motor are normally supplied mounted together on a foundation,and connected by means of a heavy-duty flexible coupling.

Technical Data
Performance50 Hz (30 bar)60 Hz (30 bar)
Speed (RPM)97514501175
Charging capacity (m³/h)*507459
Power requirement (kW)11,519,314
Heat dissipation (kCal/h)89011493510836
*Charging capacity is from ambient pressure to final pressure. Tolerance +/-5%.
No. of cylinders2
Cylinder arrangement90° V
No. of compression stages2
Cooling systemDirect driven axial fan
Valve LPConcentric plate valve
Valve HPConcentric plate valve
Dimensions & weight
Cylinder diameter LP120 mm
Cylinder diameter HP77 mm
Stroke100 mm
Weight (compressor/el.motor)573 kg
Sump capacity10 litres
Lubrication systemSplash
Operating parameters
Maximum delivery pressure40 bar
Ambient temperature45°C
Normal working pressure LP3–4 bar
Normal temperature outlet airApprox. 15°C above ambient temperature
Maximum speed1500 RPM
Set point thermo switch air alarm/stop75°C/80°C
RotationAnti-clockwise (looking at the drive end)
Safety valves set point10% above stage pressure
Max. noise level91 dBA
Max. vibration level30 mm/s-RMS